Visit from the PLASFED Board of Directors to ICI

Ömer Karadeniz, Chairman of PLASFED, visited Istanbul Chamber of Industry in the company of a committee of board members. The visit allowed the parties to exchange ideas about updates on the industry and plastics sector. PLASFED's Chairman Karadeniz emphasized that plastic has a crucial position in the Turkish economy and added that they are aware of the support given to them by ICI as the most powerful and largest chamber of Turkey regarding the solution of problems across the industry.

Bahçıvan, Chairman of ICI: We are always with the plastics industry

Erdal Bahçıvan, Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, stated that they are always with and a supporter of the plastics industry as the oldest, most long-established and largest chamber of Turkey and said, "We consider ourselves the host of all industrialists. Our industrialists who once had a business established here and then relocated it to Anatolia are our natural members as well, and this place is a chamber where the pulse of the Turkish industry beats. You can see this place as your own home. One cannot praise you enough for your contribution to economy as the representatives of the plastics industry. The industry has a high brand value. You have a high level of representation power at ICI along with many of our members and NGOs. That is why we all together experience the process the industry goes through and are very familiar with the issues you are sensitive to.”