Visit from the PLASFED Board of Directors to ICOC

Ömer Karadeniz, Chairman of PLASFED: We will amplify cooperation together with our distinguished organizations

The 4th Term Board of Directors of PLASFED paid its first visit to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC) and then to Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI). The visits attended by the Board members emphasized the commitment to cooperate with the rooted and largest chambers of Turkey for the development of the plastics industry.

The committee presided by PLASFED's Chairman Ömer Karadeniz convened with ICOC's Chairman Şekip Avdagiç. The committee also included the following names: Şener Gençer and Tolga Kutluğ (Vice Chairmen of PLASFED), Yusuf Özkan (Treasurer), Mehmet Hakan Atalay (Secretary) and Teoman Arıkan, Mehmet Kazım Sertdemir, Hakan Efe and Selçuk Gülsün (Board Members) as well as Murat Doğan (Member of BURPAS), İ. Hakkı Hacıalioğlu (Secretary General of the Composite Industrialists' Association) and Selçuk Mutlu, PhD (Deputy Secretary General of PLASFED).

Emphasizing his long-standing friendship with Ömer Karadeniz, ICOC's Chairman Şekib Avdagiç congratulated the board members. Avdagiç said, “We intend to cooperate with PLASFED in vocational certification efforts, especially by engaging our Continuing Education Center within Istanbul Commerce University.” Avdagiç stressed that he himself was from the composite industry and remarked that he was aware of the value added contributed to the Turkish economy by the plastics industry and they would abstain from giving any support in every phase.